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Description of classeS

Body blast

Will challenge you with heavy weights and tempo changes.

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Body transformer fitness

Body strengthening and toning class. Class begins with a warm up to wake up your body. Using resistance bands and body weight, exercises are performed to work the major muscles of your body. These exercises challenge you to work to tone your arms, core, buttocks, and legs. Balance and coordination exercises will be performed to help work the smaller muscles. All of these exercises work together to give you the opportunity to transform your body! Participants are welcome to bring their own weights.

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cardio kickboxing

A full body workout including punching, kicking, jump roping and light bag work.

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core conditioning

An intense class that will work your core muscles and lower body. Be prepared for exercises that strengthen your abdominal and lower back muscles, abductors, adductors and glutes. This class will help improve your posture and strength.

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strength conditioning

An intense strength training class to enhance definition and endurance in the major muscle groups.

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Total body workout

Shape and tone your body with an EXTREME total-body workout. This no-nonsense strength training class is for men and women who want to get stronger, look better, and feel healthier!

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Gently detoxify the mind, body and spirit with poses that encourage the participant to progress at their own pace. The participant is guided to attune their body intelligence via pranayama (breath work) in order to access ease on and off the mat.

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This class is the ground breaking fusion of Yoga and Pilates.

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A Latin music based dance and fitness class - at a pace where both the novice and most experienced dance enthusiasts can enjoy. The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Never danced? No rhythm? No worries! Come for the fun – we’ll help you with the rest.

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